For adventourus people

Golfing in grots

The alternative way of golfing. The golf course is a natural formed grot that has arised for milleniums – an unique wonder of nature.

“Be a free man and look at the world with a cheerful eye” - that's the idea behind grotgolfing. Golf clubs and balls are offered in the tavern “Zum Ortner”.


For athlets

Climbing tower

In Großkirchheim there is Austria's tallest outdoor climbing tower. With a hight of 16 meters the tower can be crested on different routes with many levels of diffculty.

For culturally aware people


Großkirchheim has been a centre of goldmining. It was build by the family “Putz von Kirchhambegk” in 1530 as a residnce. In 1560 the castle Großkirchheim was build where they hat their court room, offices, a ballroom and the ruler's kitchen.

For tradition conscious people

Crafting parlor

In the crafting parlor there are knitted and felted products made of local sheep wool, arts and crafts and the region's delicous food.

For people who aim high

Großkirchheim is situated in a beautiful mountain landscape and not far away from Austria's highest mountain: the Großglockner.

The variety of hiking and mountain tours is nearly exhaustless so everybody should be able to seek out a perfect tour.

For people who believe in the path-goal theory

The Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

The Großglockner Hochalpenstraße offers as a panorama road full of tradition a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape.

For soldiers of fortune

Gold panning

The gold panning village near Heiligenblut invites people to remember old times.

Großkirchheimwas build during the gold panning time.

For arduous people

Many Nationalpark tours and hikes are organized by the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern during the summer.

For nature lovers

Nature lovers will explore many beautiful details: Plants, Rivers.